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Investor FAQs

Investor FAQs

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Stock Information
  • What is Akamai's ticker symbol?

    Our common stock ticker symbol is AKAM. Akamai common shares are traded on The NASDAQ Stock Market.

  • How can I get the current Akamai stock price?

    Visit our Quotes and Charts page to see a 20 minute delayed price on AKAM, as well as other information regarding AKAM stock.

  • How do I buy Akamai stock?

    Since Akamai does not have a direct stock purchase plan, you can buy shares of Akamai common stock by contacting a brokerage firm.

  • When was Akamai's initial public offering (IPO)?

    Akamai went public October 29, 1999, at $26.00 per share.

  • When has Akamai common stock split?

    Since our IPO, there have not been any splits of Akamai stock.

  • Does Akamai pay a dividend on its common stock?

    Akamai does not currently pay dividends on its common stock.

  • Does Akamai have a Dividend Reinvestment Program or Direct Stock Purchase Plan?


  • What is Akamai's CUSIP number?

    00971T 10 1.

Shareholder Contact Information
  • How do I contact Akamai Investor Relations?

    You can reach the Investor Relations group at:

    Telephone: U.S. Toll Free +1 877 567 7167 | Outside U.S. +1 617 444 3000
    Fax: 617-444-3001

    Investor Relations
    Akamai Technologies, Inc.
    145 Broadway
    Cambridge, MA 02142

  • Who should I contact regarding my stock certificate(s)?

    Contact our transfer agent Computershare.
    Phone: 877-282-1168
    Fax: 781-575-3605

    By Regular Mail:
    Computershare Investor Services
    P.O. Box 43006
    Providence, RI 02940-30783

    Courier Delivery:
    150 Royall St., Suite 101
    Canton, MA 02021

    A transfer agent and registrar for a publicly held company keep records of every outstanding stock certificate and the name of the person to whom it is registered. When stock changes hands, the transfer agent transfers the ownership of the stock from the seller's name to the buyer's name. The registrar reconciles all transfer records and makes sure that the number of shares debited is equal to the number of shares credited.

    If you own shares through a brokerage firm account, you should contact your broker for information about your account and requests for a stock certificate.

  • How do I contact Akamai's transfer agent?

    Computershare can help with a variety of shareholder-related services. Online services offered by our transfer agent include:
    • Change of address
    • Transfer ownership of stock
    • Request stock certificate(s)
    • Request account statement
    Phone: 877-282-1168
    Fax: 781-575-3605

    By Regular Mail:
    Computershare Investor Services
    P.O. Box 43023
    Providence, RI 02940-3023

    By Overnight Mail:
    Computershare Investor Services
    250 Royall Street
    Canton, MA 02021
  • How do I change my address on my Akamai stock certificate, or change title of the stock?

    If you hold a stock certificate, you should contact Computershare. If you own shares through a brokerage firm, you need to contact the brokerage firm directly to change your account address or transfer shares.

Financial and Legal Information
  • What is Akamai's fiscal year?

    Akamai's fiscal year runs from January 1st to December 31st.

  • When do Akamai's fiscal quarters end?

    Akamai’s first fiscal quarter runs from January 1st to March 31st, its second fiscal quarter from April 1st to June 30th, its third fiscal quarter from July 1st to September 30th, and its fourth fiscal quarter from October 1st to December 31st.

  • When does Akamai report earnings?

    Akamai does not give an exact date for quarterly earnings until approximately one month before the actual date. However the dates are usually at the beginning of May for the 1st quarter, the beginning of August for the 2nd quarter, the beginning of November for the 3rd quarter, and the middle of February for the 4th quarter and full fiscal year. Visit Akamai's News and Events page for the latest event information.

  • When does Akamai hold its annual shareholder meetings?

    Akamai's shareholder meetings are held during May each year, usually near the company's headquarters in Cambridge, MA.

  • How do I get a copy of the latest Annual Report?

    View Akamai's Annual Reports online. You can also download a Word version of the Annual Reports. If you still require a hard-copy version, go to our printed material order form and select Akamai Annual Report.

  • What companies has Akamai acquired?

    To date, Akamai has made a number of acquisitions to grow our suite of product offerings to enterprise class customers. For the most up to date information on our acquisition history please refer to our annual reports. Akamai's Annual Report

  • How do I receive the merger consideration for an acquisition?

    If you are a record holder, Akamai's exchange agent, Computershare, will send you a letter of transmittal with instructions on how to receive your cash or shares of Akamai common stock. If you have not received a letter of transmittal, please contact Computershare at 877-282-1168.

  • I am a potential investor. How do I get an Akamai Investor Relations Kit?

    Fill out an Investor Kit request. You can also view or download a kit in html and/or Word format.

  • Who are Akamai's independent accountants?

    Akamai's independent accountants are PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (Boston, Massachusetts).

  • Who is Akamai's outside legal counsel?

    Wilmer, Cutler Pickering, Hale and Dorr LLP (Boston, Massachusetts) is Akamai's legal counsel.

Akamai Corporate Information
  • Where can I get information on the company?

    This corporate information page contains a variety of links regarding Akamai. You can also request an Akamai Investor Relations Kit.

  • Where can I get company historical information?

    The Akamai Company History page contains a variety of links regarding Akamai's history.

  • What year and where was Akamai incorporated?

    Akamai was incorporated in the state of Delaware in August of 1998.

  • Who sits on Akamai's Board of Directors?

    Visit Akamai's Board of Directors page to find a list of Directors.

  • Who is on Akamai's Senior Management Team?

    Visit Akamai's Management Team page for more information.

  • Has Akamai adopted corporate governance guidelines?

    Yes – copies of our corporate governance guidelines and Board Committee Charters can be found on our Corporate Governance page.

  • Where is Akamai's corporate headquarters?

    Below is the headquarters address information for Akamai:
    Akamai World Headquarters
    Akamai Technologies, Inc.
    145 Broadway
    Cambridge, MA 02142

    View a list of all Akamai office locations

  • Where does Akamai have offices in the United States? Internationally?

    Akamai has offices around the globe. Visit our Locations page to find the address of the particular office you are looking for.

  • Where can I get directions to an Akamai office?

    Visit our Locations page to find directions.

  • I'm a customer and I need product support. Who do I contact?

    If you are a customer, reseller, or partner and require technical assistance, please visit our Customer Support area or send an e-mail to

  • Where can I get employment information?

    Visit our Opportunities area for more information regarding employment at Akamai.