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Akamai has a profitable financial model

In fiscal 2011, Akamai generated $1,159 million of revenue, operating margins of 25% and net income of $201 million. Akamai has been profitable every quarter since Q1 2004, and we remain committed to adding operational efficiencies that will benefit our customers and improve our sustainable business model.

Akamai has a strong balance sheet and cash from operations

In 2011, Akamai generated $453 million of cash from operations, which was 39% of our annual revenue. At Q4 2011 end, Akamai had over $1.2 billion of cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities on our balance sheet. Akamai’s strong cash position allows us to be opportunistic, and make investments in products, acquisitions and our network that will help us offer innovative, comprehensive services to our customers in the years to come. Our recent acquisitions of Cotendo and Blaze in the first quarter of 2012 are examples of how our strong balance sheet has helped us bring new capabilities to our customer base.